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Let’s Start At The Top

Your 5-Star Inspection from Roof Soldier will arm you with the best plan of attack when considering repair or replacement of your roof. Learn how we’ll help protect your home and receive all of the following at no cost:

    • Access your roof’s inspection photos online and share with family, friends, or other professionals
    • Understand the true scope of damage to your roof, life expectancy and potential risks to consider
    • See if your shingles can be repaired or if they risk further damage during repair
    • Learn about all the components of your new roofing system and upgrade options available
    • Our duty is to help you make an informed decision whether you choose Roof Soldier or not

Find Out If You’re Covered

If your roof has been damaged by a storm then your insurance company may cover the repairs, or even pay for a full replacement, for just the cost of your deductible. Below are some of the ways Roof Soldier will help:

  • We’ll document all damage during our 5-Star Inspection and provide a report to your insurance adjuster, if necessary.

  • We’ll help you become familiar with the claims process so you’ll know what to expect and when.

  • We’ll connect you with a highly recommended, state-licensed public insurance adjuster, who will:
    • Inspect the property damages and review them with you to provide a recommendation on next steps
    • File your claim and handle all correspondence with your insurance company
    • Negotiate a fair and honest settlement of your claim
    • Protect your rights as a policyholder with no out-of-pocket expense to you

Protection You Deserve

Your roof is one of the most important components protecting your home or business. With that in mind, we want you to know how important it is for Roof Soldier to engage every job as if it were our home. Here’s how we will successfully accomplish your mission, together.


Your roof replacement or repair will be scheduled as soon as all necessary paperwork has been approved for your project and initial payment has been collected. Timeframes may vary depending on the number of active jobs and availability of county inspectors. Inclement weather may also effect scheduling as it is our duty to protect your home from being exposed to the elements and make safety a priority. Our Soldiers will keep you updated if there are changes for any reason.


If your home is located in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association, or special ordinance, Roof Soldier will coordinate with them to make sure they’re aware and approving of the work to be completed. Depending on the local ordinance requirements, you may be asked to complete/sign additional paperwork or pay an application fee.


Every roof replacement, and some repair projects, require permitting paperwork to be completed, signed, and sometimes notarized before turning everything into the county building inspector’s division for work to begin. All counties are different and Roof Soldier will make sure all necessary permitting requirements have been completed accordingly. County inspectors will perform mid-build and final inspections on permitted jobs to ensure the roof has been repaired in accordance with the Florida State Building Code and applicable local ordinances.


Materials for a roof replacement are typically delivered a day or two before your build day by the supply company. The delivery truck has a boom lift that allows the materials to be loaded directly to the top of the roof and ready for the labor crew. If, for any reason, the materials cannot be loaded to the roof they will be hand loaded by the crew the day of the build. All deliveries are inventoried, confirmed and managed by Roof Soldier Site Commanders who will remove any excess materials when the project is complete. Materials for repairs are generally brought by the crew the day the repairs are being made.


Dumpsters are usually delivered the day before or morning of your roof replacement. Roof Soldier uses trailer dumpsters whenever possible for easier drop off and pickup. If roll-off dumpsters are used, rest assured the delivery crew will take every precaution to ensure a safe drop off and pickup. Dumpsters are typically delivered to a location in the driveway as close to the home as possible unless otherwise recommended by Roof Soldier. We will always discuss dumpster delivery logistics with you before it is dropped off. As part of our efforts to recycle and properly dispose roofing materials, we ask that foreign materials or trash not be put into the dumpster for any reason. The dumpster is normally picked up within a day of the project being completed. Please keep this in mind when coordinating vehicle access during your roof replacement.


If you have a satellite dish, solar panels, a pool heater, retractable awning, or other component that is attached to the roof, and must be removed before your roof replacement, Roof Soldier will help coordinate with a certified installer who will detach the component before the build and reset it after your roof is complete. There’s usually an additional fee charged by the certified installer, however, it’s typically covered by your insurance company if your claim is approved. Satellite dish providers, and some other service companies, must be contacted directly by the customer to arrange reset of the component.


Safety is a priority for all Roof Soldiers before, during, and after a mission is complete. All Roof Soldiers are OSHA compliant and a safety check is performed prior to every work day. Roof Soldier carries a minimum of $2,000,000 liability insurance in the very rare event there is a mishap during your roof replacement. Please be cautious when entering and exiting your home or business on build day. Keep all children and pets under close supervision when going outside during that time as well. There will be nails and debris on the ground surrounding the property during your roof replacement. However, they will be thoroughly cleaned up during and after the build is complete. If there are any special circumstances that need to be addressed during your roof replacement please notify the Site Commander, or another Roof Soldier, and we’ll work to accommodate you as best as possible.


All roof replacements and repairs will be made in accordance with the Florida Building Code and applicable local ordinances. You will be notified upon discovery if there is additional work that needs to be performed outside the original scope of repairs. Some common roof components that require replacement include rotted decking, rusted flashing, and rotted chimneys. Roof Soldier’s will always inform you of known issues ahead of time so you’re able to prepare accordingly. County building inspectors will ensure that all building code upgrades have been properly installed during and after your build.


Although Roof Soldiers work together as a squad, there are certain Soldiers that specialize in making sure your mission is a success. Tactical Ops are in charge of coordinating your deliveries and scheduling. Site Specialists will be present during your build day to oversee the crews, safety, build progress, and cleanup. Base Command is always available for general support and questions. Your Roof Soldier is your overall Project Manager that can help with any task. We’re here to serve you at 877-ROOFS-FL.


We take pride in our work and make safety a priority. That’s why we ensure your property is kept as clean as possible during your roof replacement. When your new roof is complete, our Site Specialist will use a commercial-grade magnetic sweeper to pickup any nails around your property. All loose trash will be put in the dumpster and leftover materials removed by the Site Specialist or Soldier. We’ll leave your property clean and leave you with confidence providing our “No Nail Left Behind” guarantee.


Congratulations on your brand new roof! Your Soldier will join you in a final walk-around of your property to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our work. We THANK YOU for the opportunity to join forces with you on your successful roof mission.

Peace Of Mind

Roof Soldier stands by our work and the products we install. That’s why both are backed by lifetime warranties and keeping you from worrying about the roof over your head.


  • 100% Coverage Period – 50 years
  • Covers Roofing System? – Yes, entire system
  • Cost of Installation Labor Included? – Lifetime
  • Warranty Transfer – Free
  • Click HERE for more information on GAF Timberline HD shingles

Roof Soldier installs all roofing systems in accordance with the manufacturer’s highest wind rating coverage requirements.


  • 100% Coverage Period – Lifetime
  • Covers Roofing System? – Yes, entire system
  • Cost of Installation Labor Included? – Lifetime
  • Warranty Transfer – Free

Roof Soldier’s Workmanship Warranty covers any and all installation errors that occurred during the roof’s replacement or repair.


If you find a roofing nail after we’ve completed work, anywhere on your property, simply let us know and we’ll return to perform a full magnetic re-sweep right away. We appreciate you letting us make it right.

Do You Have An Active Leak?

Roof Soldier will respond quickly to stop leaks and prevent further damage to your home or business. Most temporary repairs are performed free of charge until we’re able to complete your full roof replacement or discounted if repair work is being done. We’ll invoice your insurance company if a claim is being filed so your only out-of-pocket expense is your deductible.

Contact us HERE, on chat, or call 877-ROOFS-FL

Thank You To Those Who Have Served

Roof Soldier is veteran owned and operated and looks for opportunities to give back to the veteran community.